Top 10 Clichés

Which is the unholy mother of all clichés? Who bears the crown of shame? Straight in at number 1, it’s…

  • 002_The tape measure.jpg

    The tape measure

    A service that's tailored to you.

    (50 votes)

    It doesn’t matter how you measure this idea, it’s both metrically and imperially clichéd.

  • 003_The crystal ball.jpg

    The crystal ball

    Because you can't see the future, we're the next best thing.

    (41 votes)

    Or some such hocus-pocus. If you’re churning out this type of work, the future looks bleak.

  • 006_The handshake.jpg

    The handshake


    (40 votes)

    A strong contender for the unholy mother of all B2B clichés. It has a firm grip on websites, corporate brochures, DM - and it does not want to let go. Please, please let go.

  • 001_The light bulb.jpg

    The light bulb

    What a bright idea!

    (28 votes)

    The first person to think of this visual analogy could stake a strong claim to this. Now there’s not a retina on the planet that the light bulb isn’t burned on the back of. Let’s do everyone a favour and switch it off.

  • 010_The jigsaw.jpg

    The jigsaw

    We complete you

    (19 votes)

    When was the last time anyone did a jigsaw at work? Someone’s workplace is where we’re sending this message when we reach for this cliché. So unless the audience is in the business of jigsaws, let’s just shelve it and complete something more relevant.

  • 004_The stopwatch.jpg

    The stopwatch

    When time is of the essence.

    (18 votes)

    Reached cliché status in record time.

  • 009_The cogs.jpg

    The cogs

    We'll integrate with you, like a machine

    (10 votes)

    Great if you’re a robot, “This brand has utilised cliché number 009, my memory bank dictates that I respond with feelings of trust and reassurance. Why are my human colleagues displaying signs of fatigue?”

  • 012_The egg timer.jpg

    The egg timer

    Because time is money, use us.

    (9 votes)

    Egg timers have done well for themselves in one place only. That’s right, the wicked witch’s castle in the Wizard of Oz. Traditional egg timers are practically redundant in the kitchens for which they’re designed, what chance do they have in business brand communications?

  • 005_The baton.jpg

    The baton

    Let's work together as a team.

    (8 votes)

    Yes let’s. On making our communications ideas much less obvious so people notice them. Keep the baton, pass me the sketch-pad.

  • 101_The cliche within a cliche.jpg

    The cliché within a cliché

    This has to stop.

    (7 votes)

    Right now. If you’re willing to rally to the anti-cliché cause and want communications with relevance that help business brands create dialogue, talk to the people with Know | How.

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